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Is this really happening!?

Nothing like ending the year strong with personal goal and a big project!

I wanted to share two things that have been working on :

1. I have created a website! Woot it's finally here! I am taking everything that I have done and will continue doing and have a solid space for it. Instagram is great and all but I am not always able to share the amount of work that I do in a professional way. This site is where you can find all the articles that I have written, projects, trips, achievements, and workshops I have led in the outdoor and education spaces in the last 6 years. I will be launching (hopefully) by the end of the week! I want to THANK everyone who sat on the phone with me and allowed me to ask 80 million questions and to my peeps for checking and making sure I keep on working on it!

2.) I am ending the year by, finally getting a personal project green-lighted!! I will be heading out west starting Saturday until the 30th of Dec for my first “solo” Climbing Trip! This has been a vision of mine for a few years. Why am I doing this? Climbing is one of my passions and my work. I have seen so many of the road trips across America, hitting up all the best places to climb or going overseas, like it’s as simple as can be. It's not! This dream has always felt out of reach. It takes time to travel around. It takes a lot of money and transportation. So, I had the chance to pitch this idea to Patagonia, they liked it, and now here we are!

We have spent time and time again discussing the barriers of the outdoors, and what’s holding back BIPOC womxn from hiking, biking, camping, climbing, fishing, etc. I want to start 2020 strong by creating and celebrating the stories, of who is connecting with the outdoors. The stories on how we are taking up space or taking back spaces. These stories do not always have to be about sponsored Athlete or the “struggle story.” I really want to connect with those who use climbing to connect with the land. Or use it to help find themselves. I want to know how people see the future of climbing for themselves and others. Taking on this task is exciting and a little overwhelming but important to me. By being able to to create this projects, I am helping break the narrative of who we see as climbers, roadtrippers, backpackers etc. I want to erase this statement that Black people don't.( Fill in the Blank) ..or POC don't do ( Fill in the blank)

So, that being said, I want to hear your story! While I travel around learning about the area’s history, connected with the land, I will also be spending time in Payahuunadu (Bishop) Dec 24-26 and Southern Paiute ( Red Rock Canyon) Dec 26-28 climbing. My focus is sharing the stories of BIPOC womxn. If you will be around, come out climb! You can DM and I will share more details with you!

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