Education Workshop

Never Too Young: Approaching Culturally Sensitive Content with Children.

Never Too Young: Approaching Culturally Sensitive Content with Children – illustrating universal themes that are common to all people and cultures as a strategy for thinking about others and will then offer an approach that honors differences while being careful not to promote stereotypes. Although many artifacts and works of art offer authentic experiences for children to become acquainted with diverse cultures, some objects need to be presented with an awareness of culturally sensitive content. The idea of developing a positive and accepting attitude about differences will be part of the conversation.

Play: Engaging Young Learners in Object Rich Environments.

Teaching the use of play as a vehicle for engaging young children in the classroom, museum, and community. Bringing together children’s interests, play themes, and museum collections, seminar participants partake in hands-on, object-based activities, gallery visits, and guided discussions with museum professionals and early childhood educators.

Black Lives Matter Week of Action: How Representation in to the Classroom

Workshop focusing on how you can bring the conversation of representation, youth activism, museum studies, inner-generation connection, community engagement to Early learners by using a book call Milo's Museum by Zetta Elliot.

Outdoor Workshop

The Corps Network Conference

Inclusion in the Great Outdoor and Heritage Sites

Representatives from Outdoor Afro, Hispanic Access Foundation, National Park Service, and National Park Foundation will briefly share successes and lessons learned from their respective organizations regarding efforts to be more inclusive in the great outdoors and heritage site.


How to Crate and Navigate Affinity Space

Whether this is your first time attending an affinity space or one of many, we often find ourselves defending and justifying their importance. We work hard to debunk the idea that affinity spaces are counter-productive to diversity, equity, and inclusion. But what we know to be true is that our self-care and self-worth as marginalized people in predominantly white industries is necessary